Saawani's BirthDay

We just celebrated Saawani's first birthday.
Check out some pictures


My Friends

Every one has friends and it's good to have them, who else can you ask for some cash loan when you are that rock bottom on your savings, who you will turn to when yet another girl (third, no ? fifth?? ) breaks your heart and who will give you a ride to the airport when you don't want to park your car at the airport paying those heafty parking charges ??
yeh yeh, you guessed it right ! we live on the friends and they live on us :)
any ways... here are some of my close friends home pages, info pictures etc...

Disclaimer: By no means this list is complete and in order. If you are not listed here then may be because you don't have a hiomepage :) don't feel bad if you are not here, you will get there, one day, for sure :0)

Sameer and Ashwini Singh

Sameer Ashwinee Me and Sam were together in Somaiya College of Engineering and our friendship started since then. Our friendship is build on the basis of girls, non-stop chatter and some alcoholic references :)
Sam, his wife Ashwini and our cutest Aryan are currently in Kentucky, USA. here is his album Sam's and here is more cuter version Aryan



Bhargav  (Mama Pendse) and Himani

Bhargav Himani Bhargav, affectionately known as 'Mama Pendse' is a computer genius... We met at Tata Infotech and at his first sight, I knew that heis a nerd but didn't come out as quiet correct because he is much more than a nerd, a great programmer, a very good friend now trying to prove himself as a good husband. I dunno if Himani agrees :)
Check him out


Amit and Manasi Amte

Amit Manasi Check out Amit's home page

Amit Amte and his wife Manasi are very close friends of us. They live just in the next building and being so close (pun intended !) we hang out together many times and have fun all the times. Amit is a Java studd and Manasi is unix pro.
Amit hails from Kolhapur, so lot of times, gets nostalgic and you can clearly hear "Mhaaraajaanchyaa taayamalaa..." :)


Gajanan and Namita Arkshali

Gajanan Namita Gajanan has been my friend since 2000, when we both were at Norwood's Windsor gardens appartments. We used to play tennis together and pool at 'mad maggies' and just hanging out at our 'bachelor's resort'. Then I moved to Woburn, but the friendship continued. He then got married to Namita who is a fashion designer by education and profession. You can visit his personal website here.